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Here at Goya Works we offer Full design, supply and installation of tailor-made kitchen ventilation and extraction systems for restaurants, pubs, clubs, schools, office buildings, and other commercial properties.



Need assistance with planning permission? we help with that too! we can provide you with full technical descriptions of the work, system drawings and all ventilation assessments and odour reports.


Goya Works supply a complete range of kitchen server fittings and equipment that can be designed and pre-fabricated to fit your requirements. The fittings we offer are available in Steel, Galvanised Steel, Stainless Steel or Aluminium. From design to installation, we can design and manufacture worktops, sink units, shelving and wall cladding to industry standards.



Kitchen Extraction Cleaning:

A kitchen extract system in a commercial kitchen that has been well maintained, will inevitably be a building up of grease in the ductwork.

This accumulated grease forms a hidden combustion load within the internal surface of ductwork. The ductwork behind the canopy penetrates deep within a building, through walls and floors before it reaches its discharge point. Under the right conditions fire or even high temperatures can ignite this level of grease, with devastating consequences.

Build-up of grease has far reaching hygiene implications and leads to the extract system running less efficiently.

Cleaning of Kitchen Extract systems is important to reduce the hazard & probability of starting fires which can spread quickly through a building.  A maintenance regime to match the type of cooking and frequency of use, will ensure that all precautions are taken.

In addition, and to keep within the Law, EC852:2004 the regulation and TR19 Guide stipulates that the Kitchen Supply System should be cleaned & maintained alongside the Kitchen Extract.

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