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Cleaning Service

Why Clean Ductwork?

The majority of buildings in the United Kingdom have ventilation and extraction systems, be it a commercial place, retail store, hospital or school.  It comes in all shapes and sizes and much of it is hidden from view.

Without an established maintenance routine, the systems will accumulate dust and debris, pathogens, vermin and over a period of time a significant build up can occur. 

The Extraction Cleaning Service

When grease builds up in the system filters become clogged reducing their ability to remove harmful grease and gasses. The clogged filters reduce suction through the system causing fumes and gasses to escape into the kitchen area. Grease build-up around fan units causes the fan blades to be imbalanced, this puts unnecessary strain on the motor and bearings shortening its service life.  For all those reasons, all extraction system needs periodic cleaning service by a professional and qualified engineer.

What we provide after cleaning :

- Cleaning Certificate

- Hygiene Certificate

- New Cleaning Scheme

- Cleaning Report with all details for Insurance Companies

Cleaning Service: Product
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